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11th July 2018

NOW AVAILABLE: Hounds Off ‘Sleeping Fox’ Cuddly Toy

After a long journey in planning and then across the seas, we are really pleased that our eagerly anticipated Hounds Off ‘Sleeping Fox’ cuddlies are now available and looking for new homes!

They’re genuinely soft and snuggly. We love ’em. Hope you do too.

Obviously they’re a fundraiser. All proceeds go directly to fund our work, which is seemingly endless and complicated; Hounds Off supports farmers, landowners and rural residents who are affected by hunt trespass. In the real world, this all costs money. We thought that selling our mascots like this could be a good idea! Thanks for reading, thanks for caring and hopefully thanks for spreading a little #foxylove.

£10 each + £3 p&p, purchase your HOUNDS OFF ‘SLEEPING FOX’ here!

For bulk orders please contact us to arrange appropriate postage costs: help@houndsoff.co.uk

Please help us to spread #foxylove

Hounds Off Sleeping Fox vital stats: Made in China, 23cm x 23cm, 100% polyester.

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  • Judith Read says:
    Posted July 11, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    We have urban foxes behind our garden. There are now four cubs.There are also two hedgehogs and all seem to exist in parallel with two large cats. I am glad we live in a city with no chance of a hunt coming through our garden!

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