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Uniting Public Support for the Hunting Ban

Is the hunt still riding roughshod around your neighbourhood despite the ban? Are you worried about hunt trespass? Now you can protect your property, pets and livestock. Hounds Off will show you how with our range of no-nonsense online resources developed specifically to keep the hunters and their hounds in check.

With Hounds Off You’re Never Alone…

Click here for more advice about hunting, the hunting ban, and how you can help protect our wildlife and keep our countryside safer.

Wildlife protected by the Hunting Act

Discover which animals in the UK and Wales are protected by the Hunting Act 2004, which forbids the hunting of wild animals with dogs.
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  • Foxes

    Fox Hunting is illegal yet the Red Fox and their cubs are still hunted often in the UK...

  • Deer

    Hunting any deer or stag with dogs is illegal in the UK...

  • Hares

    Hare coursing where two dogs usually compete to pursue or flush out a live hair is illegal...

  • Mink

    Hunting Mink with dogs is also illegal yet still continues...

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