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Find Your Local Hunt

This facility is intended to help you identify the hunts (foxhounds only) which operate in Great Britain.

You can move around the map, and zoom in and out, using the controls provided. As your mouse hovers over a hunt’s territory, you will see the background colour change. To display information about the hunt concerned, click the left mouse button. The background colour will change again, the name of the hunt will appear after the word ‘Hunt’ in the text below and hyperlinks will display as follows:

  • If the hunt has its own website, the link ‘Yes’ will appear after ‘Own website’. Click on ‘Yes’ to be transferred to the most appropriate contacts page of that website.
  • You may see instead (or as well) the word ‘Try’ after ‘Alternative’. Click on ‘Try’ to be transferred to one of the general hunting sites which has information about the hunt of interest. See below for more details of these.

If you prefer, you can simply type in a postcode and the map will zoom in to that location. Click on the map to reveal the hunt information as before.

Disclaimer: The boundaries shown on the map are very approximate – they were derived by manipulating small scale images which were never designed for geographical accuracy. However, they do give a general indication of where the hunts operate and they will be refined as and when better information is received. If you have accurate knowledge of your local hunt’s area and are able to produce a sketch map with four corner points defined by their Ordnance Survey grid reference, please send as a .jpg attachment to help@houndsoff.co.uk. We will amend the map at regular intervals.
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Hounds Off Success Stories

Thank you so much for the wonderful support and advice you provide through Hounds Off. We repeatedly suffer from the arrogant and bullying behaviour of our local hunt in Kent called the Ashford Valley Hunt. We plan to use all available methods to put an end to this harassment. JC, Kent

We warned off our local hunt simultaneously with family and friends. They have steered clear since then.
JH, Dorset

When the hunters killed a fox behind our gardens I contacted Hounds Off and they helped us to stop this happening here again. CR, Kent

With Hounds Off I’ve protected my animals from further attacks by hunting dogs.
RS, Worcestershire

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