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Warn Off Your Local Hunt – Cost & Hassle Free Option

These are the first initial steps you should take to warn off your local hunt. If you have already made contact with your local hunt and your requests have been ignored click here for the ‘Belts & Braces’ approach or click here to find out what to do next.

Send a Warning Off Email to your local hunt

If you know the name of your local hunt then send a Warning Off Email to the Secretary.

If you don’t know the name of your local hunt or who to contact then click here to use the Hounds Off Hunt Finder or contact Hounds Off with your property address and/or postcode. This will enable us to find out the information for you and we will inform you. Hounds Off is always happy to assist in this way.

Use the following email text or compose your own:

I am writing to inform you that my property is closed at all times to the horses, hounds, officials, followers and any other individual connected with your Hunt. 

(Insert address including postcode and also attach any maps showing boundaries if available)

I therefore request that no unauthorised entry occurs on my property by any of the above. Further, I ask you to inform me in advance when your Hunt is likely to be present in my locality.

Copy your Warning Off Email to your local MP and Police

Copying your Warning Off Email to your local MP and Police will alert them to your point of view and also mean that they are aware of your actions. This is an important point to remember in the event of any future incidents occurring.

Click here to find your local MP >>

(OPTIONAL) Inform Hounds Off of your action

Receiving feedback is not a requirement but it is important for three reasons:

  1. Firstly, it’ll help Hounds Off to monitor the growth of Hunt Free Zones.
  2. Second, in order to secure future funding from supportive organisations and
    individuals it is very helpful for Hounds Off to be able to show positive results.
  3. Thirdly, the data we receive from you will help our case for lobbying MPs and
    strengthening the Hunting Act (2004).

You can feed back to Hounds Off online or through Facebook or Twitter.

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Hounds Off Success Stories

Thank you so much for the wonderful support and advice you provide through Hounds Off. We repeatedly suffer from the arrogant and bullying behaviour of our local hunt in Kent called the Ashford Valley Hunt. We plan to use all available methods to put an end to this harassment. JC, Kent

We warned off our local hunt simultaneously with family and friends. They have steered clear since then.
JH, Dorset

When the hunters killed a fox behind our gardens I contacted Hounds Off and they helped us to stop this happening here again. CR, Kent

With Hounds Off I’ve protected my animals from further attacks by hunting dogs.
RS, Worcestershire

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