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Hunting FAQs

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  • What is the current law on hunting?

    Hunting most wild mammals with dogs for sport was banned in England and Wales in 2004.

    The following acts are therefore illegal:

    • Fox and Cub Hunting
    • Deer Hunting
    • Hare Coursing
    • Hunting Mink
    • Badger Baiting.
  • Do the public support the ban on hunting?

    Most compassionate, decent, fair-minded folk in Britain disapprove of animal cruelty.

    Latest opinion polls found that 76% of the British public are against fox hunting being legalised, rising to 81% for deer hunting and 83% for hare coursing.

Wildlife protected by the Hunting Act

  • Foxes

    Fox Hunting is illegal yet the Red Fox and their cubs are still hunted often in the UK...

  • Deer

    Hunting any deer or stag with dogs is illegal in the UK...

  • Hares

    Hare coursing where two dogs usually compete to pursue or flush out a live hair is illegal...

  • Mink

    Hunting Mink with dogs is also illegal yet still continues...

  • Badgers & Other Mammals

    There are other wild animals that are illegally hunted too including Britain's protected Badgers...

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