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1st February 2019

How To Report Hunt Incidents To The National Trust

Report illegal, thuggish, dangerous and disrespectful hunt behaviour to the National Trust in a consistent way that makes it harder for them to ignore: 

  1. Report illegal, thuggish, dangerous or disrespectful actions or behaviour regardless of whether it happens on National Trust land because they should take this in to account when deciding to issue a licence, or not.

  2. Report hunts licenced by the National Trust.

  3. Report unlicensed hunts that are trespassing on National Trust land.

General Resources

  • If you need to find out which hunts are currently licensed by the National Trust, all dates & maps can be seen on our Facebook page here.
  • The individual ‘photo albums’ for each hunt licence also contain the contact details for the local National Trust staff who manage the area being hunted.
  • If you need to confirm if the National Trust own a particular bit of land, their property boundaries can all be seen here (NOTE: please use the ‘explore’ function to open a map).

What To Report

Who To Report It To

  • Contact details for the most relevant point of contact within the National Trust for each hunt licence can be found here.
  • In addition to this, please also CC in Nick Droy and his ‘trail hunting’ management team at trailhunting.management@nationaltrust.org.uk as well as ourselves at nationaldis-trust@riseup.net


  • National Dis-Trust volunteers will always be on hand if you are unsure about how to go ahead with any of the above (especially hunt trespass) as relevant National Trust contact details may not be readily available.
  • Contact us on Facebook, Twitter or via nationaldis-trust@riseup.net

Jack Riggall, National Dis-Trust.

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  • Marta Falco AinleyFCF says:
    Posted February 02, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Being aggressively spoken to with threats b y Hunts is frightening and often our response is to say nothing but please, if you can take pictures, film with your mobile phones and , even if not, please call the police, get an inicdent number, write to your local newspapers, to your MPs. They do not have the right to hunt and to treat us in this way.

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  • Debbie Wellington says:
    Posted February 18, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Your above post says to click ‘here’
    For dates and maps… That link doesn’t work.
    It’s saying to many redirects.
    Please can you postup a new link?
    I’m in Gloucester and want to keep a look out for these dates and maps. Xx

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