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10th July 2015

How To Contact Your MP – And Why #keeptheban

Now’s the time to write to your MP. If you’ve not done this before don’t worry – it’s really easy. We will help you here.

1. Firstly, click on this link: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/

Type your post code into the green box then tap or click the ‘Go’ button. This will take you straight to the Contact page for your MP with options to write a letter, email or phone plus social media details.

2. To email, just tap or click their email address and then it’s like sending a normal email.

Here’s what I said to mine:

Dear “Name Of MP”,

Regarding amendments to the Hunting Act which will be put to the Commons on July 15; I am urging you to represent my views (and the view of many others) on this occasion by voting against the amendments.

I hope that you are savvy enough to realise that in truth the proposed changes will completely undermine the Hunting Act. They are being sold to MPs as being in the interests of ‘pest control’ but in actual fact they are being brought forward as an alternative to full repeal of the Hunting Act. This was the preferred option of your Government but numbers are such that it could not be guaranteed so what we have is effectively repeal ‘by the back door’.

Please attend on July 15 and vote against the Hunting Act amendments.

Yours sincerely…

3. Please also write an old-fashioned letter by post!

Just make sure you do it in time to arrive before the vote takes place on Wednesday July 15. Polite, concise and from your heart is good!

Don’t underestimate the power of contacting your MP, whoever they are.

If you know they’re wise enough to have clocked that foxhunting with hounds is not a pest control service but actually a form of entertainment which abuses animals, remind them that this is not enough – they need to attend and vote.

If you know they support hunting then ask them to change their minds or, if that’s a step too far, to put aside personal prejudice and represent your views on this occasion.

If they’re undecided, they need to be enlightened to the fact that pro hunting forces within and outside of government are playing political games to get their way and conning MPs with cynical subterfuge.

The real question is to your MP is this: are you compassionate, complicit or being duped? Use your own words and always keep them polite!

© Joe Hashman, July 10th 2015

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  • Debra Clare says:
    Posted July 12, 2015 at 8:17 pm

    I remember fighting for this ban 20 or so years ago. We were right then and we are right now! The ban should stay there is no reason for this battle all over again, KEEP THE BAN IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

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