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6th February 2015

A Foxy Encounter in Wiltshire

Hounds Off received this email shortly before Christmas. The sender was happy for us to share it as long as he retained anonymity. We’re pleased to oblige:

“Just thought you would be pleased to know of a lovely moment following watching our local hunt run amok in fields adjacent to my small plot.

Following an incursion into this area and my adjoining garden on the previous hunt I determined to observe the hunt from the edge of my plot and if required head the hounds off before they could trespass (on a side note, judging by the chaotic manner in which they were careering backwards and forward across the fields I find it hard to believe that at any time they were following a laid trail).

“Anyway to the magic moment: the hunt departed, heading away from my field and judging by the time of day I felt it would be ok to head home. Walking back along the footpath, over the wall ahead of me appeared a fox who gave me a fleeting glance and headed through the hedge and across my garden to the safety of the cover of my field.

“This magic moment made my day.”

It made ours too! If you’ve had a foxy encounter (or hare-y one!) do let us know. We’d love to share your precious wildlife experiences.

Posted by Joe Hashman

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