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Visual Reminders: Why Hunting with Dogs is Banned

WARNING: Graphic content

Hunting wild animals with dogs for sport was banned in England and Wales in 2004.

Here’s some of the reasons why…

Image © PW / IFAW

Desperate to help his hounds kill a fox, sometimes a huntsman will deal the final blow himself. Afterwards bits of the fox are cut off as ‘trophies’; the head is the mask and tail called a brush.

Image © KPH / League Against Cruel Sports

Hounded over miles of difficult terrain, hunted stags will often take to water when they finally run out of steam. In deep water they are forced to swim. At this point, there is nowhere left to turn. Jeering crowds line the banks. Hounds close in behind. They are all desperate to own a piece of his flesh.

Image © KPH / IFAW

Two fast running dogs, frequently greyhounds, chase hares in an arena between lines of human spectators. When one hound snatches a piece of their quarry at the same time as the other the screaming hare becomes a living tug-o-war rope.

Image © KPH / IFAW

Hunters love to claim that when a fox is caught it is instantly killed by a nip to the back of the neck. Alas, when an exhausted fox is finally swamped by the pack of hounds nothing could be further from the truth. The final moments of a run literally for its life can end with multiple bite wounds and disembowelment.

“Something very bad is happening here and I really think the police should be looking in to this.”

Video © IFAW

Hounds Off Success Stories

Thank you so much for the wonderful support and advice you provide through Hounds Off. We repeatedly suffer from the arrogant and bullying behaviour of our local hunt in Kent called the Ashford Valley Hunt. We plan to use all available methods to put an end to this harassment. JC, Kent

We warned off our local hunt simultaneously with family and friends. They have steered clear since then.
JH, Dorset

When the hunters killed a fox behind our gardens I contacted Hounds Off and they helped us to stop this happening here again. CR, Kent

With Hounds Off I’ve protected my animals from further attacks by hunting dogs.
RS, Worcestershire

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