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21st January 2015

Hounds Off is Changing: Great New Look, Same Solid Service

Hounds Off is tailored to support and help anyone, anywhere, who wants to keep hunts away from their property for whatever reason.

Our idea remains to keep www.houndsoff.co.uk available as a free resource available to all and let the concept develop organically. Many landowners have contacted us and we’ve helped them directly, including farmers, foresters and homeowners. We hear through the rural grapevine the good news that loads more have taken our advice and simply just got on with it, autonomously.

So here we are. Its early 2015 and this website is our third incarnation. We wanted to make our information clearer and more accessible. Just over a year ago we contacted Compassionate Dorset’s digital media professionals, Anna Celeste Watson and Stu Jones. Between us we’ve upgraded the Hounds Off logo (more about that soon) and created this website you’re on now.

We hope you’ll find it simple to navigate and easy to access the information you require. Please use the online Contact Us form to feed-back your experiences here. We constantly strive to improve our service and therefore value your opinions (especially ideas for improvements).

Please also share the Hounds Off website link with your family and friends or any of the many decent folks who might like to make their property into a sanctuary for wildlife.

This is a massive year for everyone affected by hunting. Much will depend on the outcome of the General Election in May. The bloodsports fraternity are placing great faith on a Tory majority delivering on a promise to repeal the ten-year old Hunting Act. Others believe that killing foxes and other wild mammals with dogs for amusement has no place in a civilised society. Our urge is to enforce and reinforce legislation which, though frequently ignored by many, has achieved over 340 prosecutions for illegal hunting.

Hounds Off was created with the knowledge that, whatever the law dictates, without countryside to ride around in and chase their quarry through, foxhunters and their ilk are scuppered. We’re also acutely aware that many people are affected by unwelcome hunt trespasses. Sometimes it’s a one-off, all too often the incidents are repeated. Hounds Off is relevant whichever way the political wind blows.

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  • Thelma says:
    Posted February 04, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    Great website. However, the Police still don’t react positively to 101 calls re suspicions of illegal hunting. They respond as if it is a polticial protest (‘We’re not here to take sides’) as opposed to responding to a report of criminal actvitiy. What should we do?

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    • HoundsOff says:
      Posted February 04, 2015 at 9:09 pm

      Agreed the police often don’t understand that this is an issue of law and order. Their attitude can be disheartening. But don’t let this stop you from reporting suspected illegal hunting. Make that call, get a Log Number. Meanwhile, you could write to your MP and Police Commissioner on this matter and explain it from your perspective. In the end, modern day policing is statistically driven so your calls all count (as long as you get a Log Number).

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